This component provides a persistence adapter for use with mezzio-session.


Run the following to install this library:

$ composer require mezzio/mezzio-session-ext


If your application uses the laminas-component-installer Composer plugin, your configuration is complete; the shipped Mezzio\Session\Ext\ConfigProvider registers the Mezzio\Session\Ext\PhpSessionPersistence service, as well as an alias to it under the name Mezzio\Session\SessionPersistenceInterface.

Otherwise, you will need to map Mezzio\Session\SessionPersistenceInterface to Mezzio\Session\Ext\PhpSessionPersistence in your dependency injection container.

Enabling non locking sessions

The default behaviour of the php session extension is to lock the session file until session_write_close is called - usually at the end of script execution - in order to safely store the session data. This has the side effect of blocking every other script that request access to the same session file as for instance when performing concurrent ajax calls in a Single Page Application. The php session extension allows us to unlock the session file using the extra option read_and_close in session_start.

This option can be enabled using the following configuration:

// file: data/
return [
    'session' => [
        'persistence' => [
            'ext' => [
                'non_locking' => true, // true|false, true => read_and_close = true

As for the php extension, we can use safely use this option only when we are sure that the session data won't be changed or when only one of the concurrent scripts may change it. The last script that changes and persists the session data will overwrite any previous change.


In most cases, usage will be via Mezzio\Session\SessionMiddleware, and will not require direct access to the service on your part. If you do need to use it, please refer to the mezzio-session session persistence documentation.

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