This document covers changes between version 1 and version 2, and how you may update your code to adapt to them.

Controlling the server

In version 1, you would execute the web server via the entry script, e.g.:

$ php public/index.php start

With version 2, we ship the command line tools for controlling your server via the binary mezzio-swoole:

# Start the server:
$ ./vendor/bin/mezzio-swoole start -d
# Reload the server:
$ ./vendor/bin/mezzio-swoole reload
# Stop the server:
$ ./vendor/bin/mezzio-swoole stop

While you can still call php public/index.php, you cannot daemonize the server using that command, nor reload or stop it (other than using Ctrl-C). You will need to change any deployment commands you currently use to consume the new command line tooling.

Coroutine support

In version 1, to enable Swoole's coroutine support, you were expected to pass a boolean true value to the mezzio-swoole.swoole-http-server.options.enable_coroutine flag.

That flag now controls specifically the HTTP server coroutine support, and defaults to true. To set system-wide coroutine support, toggle the mezzio-swoole.enable_coroutine flag, which defaults to boolean false:

return [
    'mezzio-swoole' => [
        'enable_coroutine' => false, // system-wide support
        'swoole-http-server' => [
            'options' => [
                'enable_coroutine' => true, // HTTP server coroutine support


Version 2 refactors the architecture slightly to allow providing the HTTP server as a service, which allows us to enable async task workers.

The primary changes to enable this are:

  • Mezzio\Swoole\ServerFactory and its associated service was removed.
  • Mezzio\Swoole\ServerFactoryFactory was removed.
  • Mezzio\Swoole\HttpServerFactory was created.
  • The service Swoole\Http\Server was added, pointing to Mezzio\Swoole\HttpServerFactory.
  • The constructor for Mezzio\Swoole\SwooleRequestHandlerRunner was modified. Previously, the fifth argument was typehinted against the former ServerFactory; it now typehints against Swoole\Http\Server. The factory for this class was modified to pass the correct service.

These changes should only affect users who were providing service substitutions or extending the affected classes.