How do you register custom view helpers when using laminas-view?

If you've selected laminas-view as your preferred template renderer, you may want to define and use custom view helpers. How can you use them?

Assuming you've used the Mezzio skeleton to start your application, you will already have a factory defined for Laminas\View\HelperPluginManager, and it will be injected into the PhpRenderer instance used. Since the HelperPluginManager is available, we can configure it.

Open the file config/autoload/ In that file, you'll see three top-level keys:

return [
    'dependencies' => [ /* ... */ ],
    'templates' => [ /* ... */ ],
    'view_helpers' => [ /* ... */ ],

The last is the one you want. In this, you can define service mappings, including aliases, invokables, factories, and abstract factories to define how helpers are named and created. See the laminas-view custom helpers documentation for information on how to populate this configuration.