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This component creates CORS details for your application. If the CorsMiddleware detects a CORS preflight, the middleware will start do detect the proper CORS configuration. The Router is being used to detect every allowed request method by executing a route match with all possible request methods. Therefore, for every preflight request, there is at least one Router request (depending on the configuration of the route, it might be just one or we are executing a check for every request method).

Here is a list of the request methods being checked for the CORS preflight information:

  • GET
  • HEAD
  • POST
  • PUT

The order of the headers might vary, depending on what request method is being requested with the CORS preflight request. In the end, the response contains every possible request method of the route due to what the router tells the ConfigurationLocator.

The allowed origins can be configured as strings which can be matched with fnmatch. Therefore, wildcards are possible.


mezzio-cors provides a CorsMiddleware which works out of the box with once created a global configuration file. It can safely be added to the projects pipeline as CORS details are needed for every request (in case its a CORS request).

It uses the mezzio-router to match the incoming URI. It starts with the HTTP request method which is provided by the Request via the Access-Control-Request-Method header and checks all request methods until it matches a route. If that route states to be explicit, the response is created immediately.

If the route is not explicit, all request methods are checked to provide a list of possible request methods to the client.